PM Messages

This forum does have a PM (Private Message) system. It's simple to use. Either:

  1. Navigate to the profile of the member that you want to message and click the "Message" icon.
  2. Click the little mail icon when on the home page and it will open a drop down with a "Send Message" link on the top right of it. Click that and start typing the username of the member you want to message. You can even group message people.
  3. On your profile, click the "Inbox" link on the left under your profile pic. It will open your mailbox. Click "New Message" on the left after your mailbox opens.

I can add some screenshots if anyone has issues using the PM system.


  • Eh I just click the reply button if I get one from here so no worries. Cool tutorial.

  • It bugs me I can't figure out if I am the one who clicked a reaction or not though. I ended up doing it twice this is a second thread I did it to sorry in advance if you get twice notifications.

  • It's a plugin so it's not perfect. sorry for the confusion.

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