Tips for Posting

This thread is for tips when posting here. Feel free to add your tips too!

One big tip is to start out the thread title with an abbreviation for the script you are using. Just use a common two letter abbreviation for the script. We'll post some here:

phpFox = PF
SocialEngine = SE
MooSocial = MS
Wordpress = WP
Vbulletin = VB

Those were fairly easy as they sort of have two words. These others, we can just use something like the first two letters:

Joomla = JO
Ghost = GH

An example title:

PF - How to change menus?
SE - How to add groups?
JO - Where is admin?

You get the idea? This will help anyone looking easily know what you are asking about.

If you don't want to use the abbreviation, just use the full name of the script so that folks know what you are talking about.



  • My tip is to always use tags when making a thread. It will help others searching for the same thing. This forum uses tags very well too.

  • Could we use a tag cloud to reference it instead of categories?

  • Yes you can use tags instead. That's what most are doing, putting their tags in. It helps with searching too. Oh and hashtags work very well here too. Such as #SocialEngine or #Website , etc

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