SocialEngine - Tweaking Input Box Sizes

Just starting this thread to continue the discussion from this other thread.

"3.) Size of edit & post/reply boxes they are silly little tiny boxes!
Is there anyway or does anyone know where the code is to change these tiny boxes to be usable?"

We made a #SocialEngine tutorial for this. You can find it here .

Hope it's helpful! Ask questions in this thread please. Questions about something other than these input boxes should be in a new thread please.


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    Cool because I have another question I remember changing this when I tried TinyMCE. But because of all the security warnings I turned it off.

    It's the DOUBLE SPACE every time you hit the enter key. :( I know there is a fix do you or does anyone know it? :)

    I know shift + enter works. But I'm looking for the code to just change it?

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    Great tutorial thank you! I'm using the slipstream theme that's included with SE (36 THEMES!) so the lines are in different places. But with notepad ++ you can just search for them!

    But I do have another request/question :)
    Bigger text area
    I'm still playing with the sizes. :)

    LOL I will have many more questions!
    Thank you Data :)

  • I don't know but we can add another thread for the spaces so people looking for that can find it if we get a solution.

    As for that, it was in the tutorial, I had it very long on mine, off the screen too long actually.

  • I showed the screenshot in the other thread. The settings in the tutorial didn't make it longer for you?

  • Are you sure you did the mce part of the tutorial? My box is huge when it's done on that theme.

  • My screen is a bit small so this is what I could take of the screenshot to show how big it is at the size in the tutorial on a clone of slipstream. :)
    Alt text

  • Added a thread for the space question

    Adding #SocialEngine and #TinyMCE hashtags for ease in searching.

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    @data66 said:
    Are you sure you did the mce part of the tutorial? My box is huge when it's done on that theme.

    Yep just checked again.

    Try testing and hitting the return key 18 or 19 times on mine that's when you see the smaller top box with a scroll bar.

    It works if you click "Full Screen"? If I hit that it will fill the whole box. Which totally works for me!

    I copied everything in theme.css pasted it into notepad++ searched for the lines added them at 1125 & 1126 then added the mce at the end.

  • Weird as you can see my image. It's huge. I hadn't tried hitting return that many times though.

  • Mine looks just like yours until I get down 18 or 19 lines.

    LOL I had like 5 people re-signup this morning! They are getting confused about their subscriptions. I need to try and add more info on the subscriptions once you setup one subscription plan it makes everyone choose a subscription. So I set one up that says FREE but like 5 VIP's clicked their number and signed up again!
    LOL it was like Christmas all over all that extra money! I cancelled all the extra's and refunded their money. :)

  • I'll see if I can test this later then. I mean for the size.

  • Try setting a min-height in that code. It might work.

  • I will try that later thanks. :)

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    Data you may want to add this to your

    It will change the small edit area to 500px or what ever size you want when you have more then 18 or 19 lines of text. :)
    Add it to the bottom of your theme.css file.

    iframe#body_ifr {
        height: 500px !important;

    It will change the text area from this
    Tinymce Text Area

    To this
    Tinymce Text Area Full

    Now on to adding spell check to it! LOL I turned it back on since the SEAO discussions basically don't work without it. Well you can post basic text and that's about it. :(

  • Oh I had that in there originally and removed it. I thought it worked with just the other codes but I'll go put it back in there. Thanks!

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