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All code examples must follow the Markdown rules as this site uses Markdown. If you don't know how, click here for a tutorial. Any code examples not using Markdown will be deleted.

Socialveo Spam


I received the following e-mail from someone called Damir. I really hate receive e-mails from someone that I didnt authorized and I hate more is still trying to cause a false impression of another product/people. I am not sure but I suspect that Damir is the old Macagoraga, one of those phpfox developers that left peoples without response and support.

The message is as following:

PHPfox is ending! Make the switch to Socialveo today before you’re stuck on an old platform.

Dear Friends,

My name is Damir and I’d like to talk to you
about the end of PHPfox and the rise of Socialveo.

As some of you may know,
I’ve been a key developer at
PHPfox for the last five years,
and my products have long been
the most widely-used by the site’s visitors.
Even today, my bootstraphpfox theme
is one of most used themes around.

However, since they made the choice
to stop supporting version 3,
and their new version is not backwards compatible,
I’ve decided to make a change of my own.
Along with a team of top developers,
I’ve decided to launch Socialveo,
a highly-innovative social network software
that offers significant advantages
over similar competing services.

Not only does our software exhibit improvement on every level,
we know that you’ll find significantly more value in this new venture.
And don’t worry if you’re migrating from PHPfox to Socialveo,
we have a migration script in place to help you make the move.
As a bit of good faith on my part, and as a reward for my loyal followers and clients,
I’m offering a special discount that can be obtained simply by visiting

If you’re ready to take social network software to the next level,
we encourage you to visit us immediately to receive your discount
and to prepare yourself for the future of social software.

Which is the demo link?

You can find the demo by visiting
Please report any issues you find on the demo here:
If you have a suggestion or an idea on how to improve our products or services,
please start a new discussion in the community forum here:

How a pre-order works

We are working hard to prepare Socialveo to be released by 5 September
for a special price of 399CHF, that is 34% less than normal price.
The normal price will be 599CHF after 30 September 2016.
If you make the Pre-Order Now (until 4 September 2016),
you can obtain the license of Socialveo Website
for 50% less than the normal price, 299CHF.

Don't forget to check also the Socialveo Hosted version,
is the best way to create your own online community.

You can find more info about the above by visiting or Pre-Order Now.

Mobile App

The Mobile App at the moment is not yet ready.
We hoped to release the website along with the mobile app,
but unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.

We have tested many different solutions to achieve good
performance and easy extensions and customizations,
but many different problems that cropped up caused the delay.

We believe the best way forward is to make a Mobile App for iOS and Android using the promised ReactNative framework made by Facebook.
We will let you have more information about this in the next newsletter (coming soon).

Third Party Developer

Are you a developer or web designer?
We have a Third-Party Add-ons section here:
where you can sell your custom Themes, Modules, Widgets, Translations and more.

You will receive all instructions how to quickly setup Socialveo on your local computer, manually by following instructions or with super quick setup thanks to Vagrant (

For more details about, please get in touch with us via


August 2016

  • Testing, Translations, Documentations

September 2016

  • Release of Socialveo 1.0 RC (Release Candidate) by 5 September
  • Release of Socialveo 1.0 Stable by 12 September

December 2016

  • Mobile Apps (iOS / Android)
  • Ads Module (like Facebook Ads)
  • Wordpress integration (Single Sign On, Woocommerce and more)
  • New theme

March 2017

  • Release of Socialveo 2.0 with below main features:
    • Realtime Chat synchronized with Private Message
    • Photo Manager
    • Advanced notifications system
    • Automatic update from admin
    • More to come, please submit your ideas here:

I appreciate your time and please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.
You can visit our site, or email us at with any questions.

Thank you for joining our bold new venture, and we can’t wait to help you get started.

Warm regards,



  • Yes that is macagoraga.

  • edited August 2016

    Just so you all know, phpFox is NOT ending and Macagoraga was NOT a lead developer. He was a minor third party developer who left as the client above stated in his preface.

  • Mac over promised and under delivered on everything he did.

  • @Zixia604 said:
    Mac over promised and under delivered on everything he did.

    I've gotten more complaints about this spam he's doing and about his former tactics. One client is having issues with "someone" from Switzerland going on his site and trolling the feed posting bad stuff about phpFox and this client didn't want his users even knowing he uses phpFox. It's getting bad.

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