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All code examples must follow the Markdown rules as this site uses Markdown. If you don't know how, click here for a tutorial. Any code examples not using Markdown will be deleted.

Code, Script Tweaks for Social Engine 4

edited May 2017 in SocialEngine

These are a few tweaks I have found and been using most work without any problems. :)

This is my favorite! I hate the double space in TinyMCE I know Shift+Return will do one space but it's a pain! So adding this in AdminCP under "Settings" - "General Settings" towards the bottom "Head Scripts/Styles"

.mceContentBody p {padding:0; margin:0;}

So far that has no ill affect just NO MORE double space! :)

Next changing the size of the TinyMCE edit, comment box. It's default size is 577px which for me is just way to small! And with people having screen resolutions of 1600x1024 & up and desktops with 22, 32, 40, 50 inch screens 577px is crazy small. I looked at one persons 15.6 4k laptop and was like a little dot in the middle of the screen. LOL So adding this to the Theme's Constants.CSS will change the size.

.mce-panel {
    width: 1000px !important; (I set mine at 1000 that seems to look ok even on the 4K screens)

This one does break one thing I'm still looking for a fix. It works in all the places that use TinyMCE but replies to messages in private messages. The TinyMCE box is 1000px but the viewing box stays at 577px so you can type right out of the box. LOL Hitting return will start a new line or just keep typing and it will scroll the box to the right. But that is the only place that has a problem. "ONLY Replies in threaded private messages"

Then changing default photo size "720x720" which can be fine for many users. But again the high res screens and a screen shot not so good or people sharing pictures that are 3000X3000 being reduced to 720 not so good. :( (SEAO Advanced Activity Feed does have tons of adjustments for photos & videos in comments but none can go beyond the 720px max limit)
Editing this will change the largest default photo's
Open /application/modules/Album/Model/"Photo.php" (I download it and edit it, save the original as Photo.php.old)

// Resize image (main)
    $mainPath = $path . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $base . '_m.' . $extension;
    $image = Engine_Image::factory();
      ->resize(1600, 1600) (width X height this will change the maximum photo size - when they click the photo they see full size - line 146)

    // Resize image (normal)
    $normalPath = $path . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $base . '_in.' . $extension;
    $image = Engine_Image::factory();
      ->resize(320, 240) (this will change thumb nail sizes - I change these in "Advanced Activity Feed" settings)

One glitch LOL not really a glitch but pain. It's whatever size you set thumb nails in the Activity Feed - someone clicks the photo it opens to 1600x.....(over 1600 will break the comments on the right comment column). When they click "Go to Photo" it changes back to 720px :( I'm working on a tweak for that. The fix for the right comment column after they click a photo in the activity feed. Just add it to the bottom of the "Constant.CSS"

.comments>ul>li {
    width: 90% !important; (need to add this line)
.photo_lightbox_right {
    width: 295px !important; (default is 300px 295px put a small gap between comments & the photo)

So far no ill affect from that tweak. :)

Changing the default maximum character limit in comments it's default is 1027. This one is not working for me but I have found it on several sites including SE's site saying this is what to edit.
application/libraries/Engine/View/Helper/"ViewMore.php" again I saved the original as "ViewMore.php.old"

protected $_moreLength = 255; // Note: truncation at 255 + 4 = 259 (for " ...")
protected $_lessLength = 511;
protected $_maxLength = 3000; (Change this for comment character limit - line 22. Default 1027) 
protected $_fudgesicles = 10;
protected $_maxLineBreaks = 4; // Truncate early if more than this nl
protected $_tag = 'span';

Like I said this is not working for me I'm stuck at 964 max. This may have something to do with a different addon.

These are some tweaks you need to search for. All the color, links, font tweaks are pretty easy in Constants.CSS.
I'm using the new Insignia Black v4.9.2p1 - cloned as my site name default.

If you have any tweaks please share them. :)


  • Thanks for the tweaks! Did you check the first one with the 4.9.2 release as things were fixed in Tiny but I don't recall if the extra space was. Might save you an edit. :)

  • edited May 2017

    They did fix the spell check in 4.9.1 :) I also have the tweak for that. LOL
    But the double space was still there in 4.9.2

    The comment box size is 750px default that is bigger then 577px but still a little small for high res screens.

  • The reply box in messages is still 577px. LOL

  • yeah I have no idea right now how to fix that for you. I'm a bit off today. If I can remember, I might play with it tomorrow.

  • No worries I love the tweaking it's what we all live for! LOL :)

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