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All code examples must follow the Markdown rules as this site uses Markdown. If you don't know how, click here for a tutorial. Any code examples not using Markdown will be deleted.

phpFox coding "framework" change from 4.4.3 to 4.5.1.


I need a little help here:

It seems phpFox has changed coding "framework" direction from 4.4.3 to 4.5.1.

I am not a Developer but I managed to follow phpFox 4.4.3 Developer Documentation instructions to write several custom Apps that I needed using the 4.4.3 "Developing Your First App" framework. I had written several simple Apps using the Start/View/Assets framework but those do not work now after upgrading from 4.4.3 to 4.5.1.

I used the 4.4.3 Video App as an example and built all Apps using the Video App as a template. It was simple to follow and easy to write the small Apps without changing any core files. I simply copy the Apps to the Apps Directory, create the JSON file and voila - I have an App.

Looking at the new "Developing Your First App" for 4.5.1, it seems I will have to re-write all Apps based on this new framework. But when I reviewed this "new" framework, it seems as if phpFox has gone back to the "OLD" framework of "modules" development and abandoned the Apps framework.

My App may be small but the functionality is very extensive. I developed it myself because I want to retain intellectual control of the code and it will be extremely expensive to hire a 3rd party developer to code the App for me. So I did it on my own time (8 months so far). I was hoping to launch in the next month or so.

Now it seems I will have to re-learn the new "old" framework and re-write all the Apps to make them work with 4.5.1.

Am I correct in noticing this "backwards" change. Am I the only one?

If I have to re-write the code to the new framework, it will probably take another several months. But as mentioned above, I was hoping to launch in the next month or so. Is there a way to convert this Apps without re-writing the code?

My investments so far:
1) phpFox License
2) YouNet's Professional package
3) 8-months developing my Custom Apps

What to do?
Any advise will help.


  • Hi,

    Yes you are correct and it was mentioned here a few times as we are frustrated with the change. It was also mentioned in the private developer forum at phpfox as developers got frustrated with the backwards slide.

    Instead of simple apps with updated methods, you now need several things even for a simple app.

    YouNet, who owns phpFox since 2015, changed things back to the old methods and now the apps need:

    Ajax: This directory contains Ajax handler classes
    assets: This directory contains raw assets such as the images, css, javascript, ...
    Block: This directory contains block classes
    Controller: This directory contains controller classes
    Service: This directory contains service classes
    hooks: This directory contains plugin scripts
    views: This directory contain template scripts
    phrase.json: This file declares language phrases
    icon.png: This is icon of your app
    Install.php: This file contains installation script of your app
    start.php: This file contains bootstrap scripts.

    Instead of a simple app only needing the

    I liked the simple method that Ray had developed. It was lighter and much easier to code.

    This reversion to old methods now requires a heavier app that needs more files than it should. Larger apps will be even heavier.

    The apps might work in v4.5 if you disable techie mode and try to install them from the phpfox store. You can keep them unsubmitted and use the Test Install when logged in to the store as a developer account.

  • Send me a private message if you can't log in to the store.

  • edited March 2017

    Thanks for confirming how terribly screwed I am. :sweat_smile: : :sweat_smile: : :sweat_smile: :

    If you recall my previous post back in October/November of 2016, I stayed with phpFox because of the Start/Views/Assets/JSON framework since I had spent tons of hours developing those Apps and I was hoping to carry forward with that code. In fact, I even invested more money by buying YouNet's professional package to round things off.

    Now, I am certified Lost!

    But I can't say you didn't warn me - as you mentioned those points in my previous thread.

    Anyway, my Apps are not in the App Store. They were all small private Apps for me ONLY. No need to put them in the Store since we were not selling them. They were built to serve our potential subscribers. All we needed to enable the App was the JSON file and the App got registered as an App automatically. Couldn't get any easier than that. Now, to convert the Apps, I need a programmer certification. Sad!

    It will be a huge challenge to re-write these Apps in phpFox's new "old" framework.

    Thanks for your help.

  • You are not screwed though. You can put them in the store just for you as I said. Just don't ever submit them. Keep them as unsubmitted. It will let you install them from the store. Just click Test Install. Once you are done with them, delete them from the store.

    They should still install in techie mode perhaps. I hadn't tried a workaround.

  • Thanks....can you please point me to the coding framework examples for SocialEngine? I want to compare to see where to put my investments (time/money) - going forward.

    Thanks in advance.

  • We're ( I mean SE staff) working on more documents at SocialEngine but there is this, and I wrote one here, and there is this .

    I had to learn to make that small widget by looking at the code and widgets included with the package.

  • Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your help.
    Since I am not a programmer, I have to evaluate both products to see which one is easier to understand and adapt. Having to pay a programmer will cost a small fortune.


  • I understand that. I don't tend to use any devs other than TemplateMechanic and myself.

  • Note that you can request that free plugin I made for that tutorial, the Google Translate. I have it at my . It is a manual activation but the plugin is free.

  • Did you get this resolved?

  • Thank you Donna

    I posted the same request for help in the phpFox Forum and "Scheinwelt-Media" came to my rescue.

    He showed me how to enable the "Techie" mode and that helped a bit.

    Then, we used the Techie mode to poke around a bit but still our Apps did not work. The Apps wouldn't even install. So, we used the Techie mode to create a simple "shell" Application to test the new phpFox coding framework. Finally, the simple "shell" App worked. So we are now in the process of transitioning our codes - using this simple shell application structure.

    Thanks for staying on top of this issue for me. I truly appreciate your help

  • Yes I thought you were already in techie mode since you were making apps. You should still be able to install them from the store and have them work though. That's what I did with all of mine and it worked for me.

  • Yes....I now have one of the Apps working.....
    Thanks for all your help.

  • That's great to hear. Glad you have them working.

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