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  • How does SE handle photo cropping?

    Actually I have made some progress overriding/modifying themes in PFv4. It's taken me some time to get used to the new layout, but so far good.

    I found a fix (sort of) for thumbnail cropping problem in the Material Theme. Using the Inspect tool in my browser (I use Chrome) I identified where in the bootstrap.css file the code is for each of the photo thumbnail containers (i.e., Album Covers, Photos, Photos in the activity feed, etc.). I then changed the background-size from "center" to "contain" and I added a background-color, in this case black (#000000). It's not the perfect solution, but it looks much much better then have heads cut off.

  • How does SE handle photo cropping?

    Well it's best to just do your own clone theme and work on that. If you don't need videos for a photo site, and you probably don't, you could just use v3.

  • I have a license of PhPfox Pro, I exchange for a Social Engine V4 Advanced license

    You'll want those licenses when next version releases. It'll be a major thing in sn. Very far ahead of any competition.

  • TM Tabslider speed

    He's still doing some stuff. There was no reason other than those known in private. ;)

  • TM Tabslider speed

    Templatemechanic still has stuff. They pulled him out of the market without any notice or cause. Check with him if you would like.
    Welcome back!

  • issue upgrading to 4.10 from 4.9.4

    Thank you sooo much i have show them and they have fix quickly for everybody hehe

  • TM Tabslider speed

    @Kirkus just tagging you for the above post :smile:

  • Status of our Plugins with SE 4.10

    We've tested and the following work fine in 4.10 RC1. All of these are Certified products. :)

    Buffer Share
    Random Blogs
    Random Groups
    Featured Member
    Google translate
    Groups Category
    Random Polls
    Staff Display Block
    Happy Holiday

  • PhpFox vs Social Engine

    I migrated my author site to SE. If you are still a member, feel free to log in and explore. I had no trouble. I use Groups and it has Discussions (forum).

    I use the Atlas theme which is responsive so I don't need mobile app and don't have those fees associated with mobile apps. There are mobile apps available.

    I love the control I have in SE, networks are awesome - I use them for genres. With 4.10 coming soon, we'll have hashtags, smileys and more control over networks and profile mapping so it'll be pretty complete.

    I don't miss much. My ST main site is PF v3. If you were to use PF, I suggest v3 over v4. Less issues. However, SE has a better setup for CDN and external storage. Honestly, you should ask @Zixia604 as he just migrated a huge community. Perhaps PM him.

  • Server load social Engine

    also if you have select another service for storage can heavily use resources also if slow, it is normal hehe don't be scared and wait