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  • TinyMce fonts

    Thanks for the link. Since I am using this editor to write both in Persian and English I like to add a font that is designed for both languages.

  • PhpFox vs Social Engine

    @max99 said:
    If you can delete the above comment Id appreciate it. Im just getting super frustrated. Im running the migration script myself ( until seaddons opens back up ) and it times out every 5 min.

    I have to hit resume each time. Its been going for over an hour and is saying after 1 hour .01% complete.

    1027 hours left, thats 42 days! I have no clue what to do at this point.

    Duration: 1 hour, 16 minutes, 37 seconds (4,598 seconds total) have passed, 1027 hours, 5 seconds (3,697,205 seconds total) remaining.
    Processed: 4000 of 3059358 records have been processed.
    Progress: 0.1 complete.

    Have you checked execution time allowed in your php.ini ? Might be that, ask your service provider.

  • Google maps not working in PF 3.9

    I'd thought about comparing v3 and v4 files after I posted this. LOL. Great minds? I'm going to try the compare feature in my IDE first. If that doesn't work well, I'll try Beyond Compare. Thanks, guys!! I'm determined to fix this so, of course, I'll post what I discover here for others.

  • TM Tabslider speed

    I'd love to switch to SE (mainly because you and Raymond are there now)! Maybe if I ever get my PF project off the ground and making some $$$ I can afford to buy another script. I really wanted to go with PF3.9 because of it's stability, but the first problem I found, Google maps on Events, is big enough that it just illustrates the writing is on the wall for that version.

    With you guys here, TM's templates, and a few app makers I trust, I think I can bend PF4 to my will. :)

  • TM Tabslider speed

    There's always SE :)
    As for 3.9 it's the most stable one they have but yes, outdated unfortunately.
    Not fond of pf v4 so I can't use it on my sites.
    I am happy with the change I made for my author site, to SE. Lots of goodies. Can't change ScriptTechs main site until we figure out what to do with all of those Articles (Tutorials).

  • Phpfox bug in parsing filter

    I recently changed some links on a phpfox site that were posted with anchor tags and they didn't work. Upon investigation I found that my link was changed to

    This was caused by the php code in the file /include/library/phpfox/parse/input.class.php around line 978:

                $sTxt = preg_replace('#'.$sRemove.'#i', 'title', $sTxt);

    The purpose of this code is to not allow website users to use html code that would disrupt the style of the webpage. Unfortunately, they did not allow for use of these strings in ways other than as tag attributes.

    This can be considered a bug and can be fixed by changing the $_aEvilEvents array slightly. This is defined around line 26 and if you go down to around line 90 you will see entries for class and style. Notice that there is no space before or after these entries. Because class and style used as attributes require a leading space whereas urls do not use spaces, by inserting a space before class and style should fix this issue.




            ' class',
            ' style'


  • Country data to import into PhpFox 3.9.0
    xml and sql export for country and country child tables for importing via phpmyadmin

    above left as the concept may be viable n worth looking into sometime

  • Country data to import into PhpFox 3.9.0

    include > xml > country.xml
    this appears to be the file you may be looking for
    importing, however........
    seems not an sql import file so may need edits
    a personal assumption is it is a part of installer data for site install or even module perhaps.
    if using a module using country data perhaps in dev site install it, delete all country data, and then attempt a total reinstall of only that module ( uninstall module, delete module, reupload, install )
    cannot say it would work but logic would dictate the site uses the same country tables from the database for any modules as well as site else database load would increase needlessly.
    if the module imports the country data it may be it will import sitewide
    *** this is an assumption and untested personally ***

  • Animated Gifs on Socialengine

    seen this thread a few times
    does social engine use ffmpeg?
    ive been wondering if that is so why it hasnt been looked at to use ffmpeg in attempt to convert the gif images in to an mp4 format for compatibility, speed and size bonuses
    there some nifty stuff for other scripts that do this and if im not wrong perhaps even some of the extremely cheap end social networking scripts
    possible hints for places to look for outline of what might be needed if lookin to be implemented
    git has command line

  • Home Page is missing on the menu bar

    CMS>Add New Menu>>Product=Core>>Module=Core>>Connection=main

    data66, because ESL with me at times I may not be able to express myself, therefore at times my questions may not be well understood.