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  • poor PHPFox had so much potential
  • as an idea to developers for plugin implementation maybe looking into the use of tinypng.com's api might manage something of value even on the free plan it should be able be set to handle compressing a large enough number of images each 24 hr perio…
  • optimized and scaled makes me think of something similar to tinypng.com in terms of optimization youd need something doing similar on auto in the background on upload strips the metadata and unused information from an image reducing the file size…
  • wordpress when used right beats the sht out of the loser cashcow scripts takes time maybe the purchase of a few plugins but there is almost nothing you can do with phpfuct that cant be done in wordpress with a lot more benefits and much lower cost…
  • facebook lost 41 billion in its stocks monday when the USFTP federal trade commission would look into antitrust on em dont seem they got too much trust even in their own stockholders 137 billion gone across the big guy platforms only on the whispe…
  • @cybohmoob said: As far as becoming the next twitter or fb, man that's a dream. Not sure it's reachable with these low budget codes and developer sharks. dont be going the ghost yet dude still in with a chance to hit it big you aim the r…
  • happened to work out the template override for modules by chance yet in fox V4 Kirkus? without editing the damn source code i cant for the life of me make any template changes stick despite their improvements that and a few other things is prevent…