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  • facebook lost 41 billion in its stocks monday when the USFTP federal trade commission would look into antitrust on em dont seem they got too much trust even in their own stockholders 137 billion gone across the big guy platforms only on the whispe…
  • @cybohmoob said: As far as becoming the next twitter or fb, man that's a dream. Not sure it's reachable with these low budget codes and developer sharks. dont be going the ghost yet dude still in with a chance to hit it big you aim the r…
  • happened to work out the template override for modules by chance yet in fox V4 Kirkus? without editing the damn source code i cant for the life of me make any template changes stick despite their improvements that and a few other things is prevent…
  • Cometchat has a nice little text chat only plugin in the phpfox marketplace for $49usd It contains a lot of their premium capabilities in their lowest priced plan on their website ( check what is needed for your site on sales page ). from what i a…
  • life!! yeah thats right im lurking @reginamay allow me be the first to say YOUR FREAKIN AWESOME DUDE
  • @max99 said: Do you know if there is a socialengine migration to phpfox v4 script? i have no actual clue or experience at all with the migrations between the two scripts there may be something in phpfox marketplace but im no where near s…
  • @DuCarlion said: looked at the new v4 and its improving but still lacks some of the major features of v3 such as menu system and some other stuff by the above V4 has a menu system but lacks the sub menus and other placement menu's other t…
  • you still alive in there Kirkus? hows v3 doing you? you still in it and is it fairly ok to use? looked at the new v4 and its improving but still lacks some of the major features of v3 such as menu system and some other stuff its available but onl…
  • fox is actually finally improving ( a little ) in the most recent update still nothing on what it was but it appears to be gaining some progress now in returning to its former glory still take some time to get there
  • sweeet you can find some nice pure css popups but jquery just seems to work it much better the ajax load in the popup linked could be used for many things ( add special articles via the blog, groups, pages, adverts inside popup as an example ( pa…
  • pretty nifty looking this looks nice too ( no idea how you actually have it functioning as i cant play with SE ) http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/magnific-popup/ specifically the ajax loading going under the assumption that the background may …