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  • cmackie

    Hey Donna!

    I hope all is well.

    I can see you are using Vanilla forums for this site instead of Social Engine based on the logo at the bottom. I thought you said you were using Social Engine.

    I was wondering if I could just ask you a couple of quick questions regarding Social Engine.

    When I use the radio buttons the question alignment is wrong. In fact, as well as being misaligned horizontally, the question appears to the right of the answers (the answers are in a column to the left and the question is on the right.) As I just said, the horizontal alignment of the question and the answers is also wrong. i.e. they are not on the same horizontal line but are instead shifted slightly.

    Also, I am adding a profile question using "Multicheck box" and after adding 11 entries I am not able to scroll down and see the new entries that are being added, nor am I able to change their order, edit or delete these additional entries (beyond the first 11), although upon registering they do a

    October 15
    • data66
      Hi, I'm in the storm zone so I have limited time online atm. I do use SE for my site. My author social network. This site here is just a forum so I used vanilla as it's not a social network.
      Please post any questions in my forum and I can answer as it's harder to do via comment. It will need to wait until I get internet though.
  • cmackie

    Message to Donna at Data66: I just wanted to touch base and tell you everything is going well with Social Solutions. They have a support system that costs $29 a month billed monthly that I can cancel at anytime. I am happy with that, because I hope to be completely familiar with the system and have everything working perfectly within 3 months of going live. They have been taking 2 weeks to turn a ticket around but they stopped doing that just recently and I am just confirming that they will finish the contracted work with no further stoppages before I purchase Social Engine for $300 and host my site using TMD Hosting for $3 a month. So it looks like we are a go!

    Also, I forwarded the introduction of my book to you. I wanted to ask you to kindly not share it with anyone as I may have problems with publishers down the road if you do. Did I share it with you on a forum that was public? I think I sent it as a message to you but I'm not 100% sure.

    September 26
    • data66
      Hi! Glad it is going well. The book was shared in private to me and I would never share a book without permission so you have nothing to worry about. I'm sure it will do well. Let me know when you have your license so I can make sure your account at the SE forum is changed to client. :)