I have added this from the phpfox forum for anyone looking to do css changes to their site.

" Hi JohnJr,
After reading carefully your post, I guess that you want to find out an easily way to change/override phpFox styling code. If I'm right, I can confirm with you that phpFox Theme System can help you:
Solution 1: via tool of Theme Manager:

  • In the theme manager (admincp), CSS section, you can add your custom less code. If you are using your own theme, the customization will work fine although you upgrade the site.
    Solution 2: replace core less file with your less file: you don't need to override the code, you can remove or change the code if you want

  • You can see that phpFox 4 styling is base on bootstrap and all code for it locate at PF.Base/less. By default, all less files on this folder will be compiled to css and apply to your site when you rebuild bootstrap core. However, the theme can decide which files will be compiled. Below example may help you understand it clearly:

  • The file PF.Base/less/base/box.less contains code for styling popup on phpFox site. You want to custom it, please clone it to your theme, the clone file path likes as PF.Site/flavors/[your_own_theme]/less/base/box.less. Custom this file or make it empty if you don't want to use its code. Save your change and rebuild your bootstrap. Code in the clone file will be loaded instead of code in original file (PF.Base/less/base/box.less).
    -> easy way to custom core less code, right? And you can use this for all of core less files, you can build your own theme without any styling code from Core. "


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