PhpFox - bootstrap.css issue with SSL

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Trying to figure a work around because every time I upgrade or rebuild core theme the bootstrap.css has the following on the first line.

@import url(,400,600,700,800);

The problem is that I have SSL set up so the browsers give a warning of mixed content insecure site. Now all I have to do is go into bootstrap.css and change the first line from http: to https: and the problem is solved but this is becoming a pain.

@import url(,400,600,700,800);
Anyone know of a better hack :) and I have no problem in hacking the core either :)



  • If you put a bug report for them to make the url (//,400,600,700,800); that should work.

    I suggest putting the change in your custom theme as that won't be messed up for the upgrade. That's why they said don't make any changes to bootstrap as it's always reverted and rebuilt. Make changes to your theme. If you put it in your own theme, then it is supposed to use that and not the bootstrap one.

  • Yes, all the changes for css I put in the themes autoload.css so nothing gets written over there :) but when I put this in there...because it does not have a div so it does not overwrite the original like all the other css I have put in there.

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