phpfox 4.4 -- How to invite people?

I've been put in a rush situation of offering my site for a small group of people to discuss things privately. I haven't remotely gotten acquainted with the latest version of phpfox.

I have it set to invitation only and want it to stay that way for now, but for the life of me I can't find how to invite people to the site. I've created a group and see how to invite people to the group, but don't see how to invite people to the site itself.

I did a cursory search here and in the product info using keyword "invite" and "invitation" but don't see an answer to this very basic question.

Thanks much.


  • I don't see how to edit my original post, but I want to update to say I found the INVITE link in the footer. However, when I click it, nothing happens.

  • It should send you to the invite. I believe you have support with us. Send us a ticket please and we'll check it. You'll want to be using a mail service such as sendgrid (free) for your site transactional (sent from your site) mail. We've a tutorial for it in our Knowledge base link at the top of the site or we also include adding it to your site if you need help.

  • I'll create a ticket. Thanks!

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