PHPFox v3.9 - Delete messages?

Hey this is a silly one - How does a user delete messages on this version? I see Archive and Mark as Unread but no delete????



  • That's the issue with threaded. There is no delete. The archive is the remove though. I don't use threaded due to the massive overhead that I think is made from the no delete due to the threaded nature of it. Mandi has a solution on her site by Webwolf though. I don't know if it creates any database integrity issues but you could ask either of them about it. @Webwolf and @Mandi are both on this forum. :)

  • I wonder if auto delete old messages purges archived messages....

  • I don't know as threaded mail can be with several people and so deleting it is different than standard mail.

  • How it works is by purging mail that is older than a set amount of days. That way, it's removing the message itself and not disrupting the integrity of the threads themselves. It was done by @steward Not sure if he released it or not, or if it was a custom build specifically for my site. Works good though :)

  • I am not all that concerned about space messages take up... I will look at this deeper

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