If using Phone Verification here is a tip for U.S. only.

ok, if you are in the U.S. you really don't use "1" in the phone numbers any more and users are not use to it. So I went to the code and added this to the following file....nexmo.class.php

    public function sendSMS($to, $msg)
$to = "1".$to;   (this is what I added to this function)

the rest of the function stays the same.

This allows the user to just type in the phone number xxxyyyzzzz without the number 1 in front of it.



  • How is the verification working for you? I had seen a few bug reports before that people didn't like how it worked. These were working as designed so were not addressed.

  • Not sure what there issue were but I only tried it with demo users. I could not get Twilio to work but I didn't have any issues with Nexmo, which is ok with me since Nexmo is a lot cheaper. Just entered the correct info into phpfox and it worked. Did change the text in send.html.php to add don't use spaces, hyphens or parenthesis.

    It is located on the second page of the registration page for me. They user just enter their area code and number and it sends them a text message with six numbers like 254 387. They just need to enter those numbers in the phpfox field. It accepts it with spaces or no space...so it seems to work. I tried it about a dozen times and it is instant response. The only issue that came up was when I cancelled the form where you enter those digits and when I attempted to log in again it came back with that form to enter those numbers. When I entered the correct numbers from the past it did not work. When I requested new numbers...it did not work. Just failed on the error side of this procedure. Had to go in and delete the account. Started over and it worked on that user. Hopefully too many people do not cancel in the middle of the process.

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