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So, we've got our new forum using Vanilla 2.2.1, the latest stable release. There is an improved 2.3 version that looks great! For now though, we have 2.2.1 as we wanted to launch this on a stable release.


  • This forum loads very fast.
  • It has a great global search - go ahead and try it!
  • It allows markdown! Takes some getting used to but it is improved in 2.3 too.
  • You can use username tags in threads to call attention to it, if trying to ping someone to look.
  • It has smileys :p
  • I was able to make a footer menu (manual), add to the top menu (manual) and change the header color and remove the "keep me logged in" fairly easily with a custom theme made from cloning default as their documents said. Wasn't hard. **Note that we now have a custom theme by TemplateMechanic
  • Categories are so easy to manage.
  • User permissions for the forum are easy to manage and make private areas.
  • Very light Activity feed.
  • You can save a draft of your post.
  • You can see a preview of your post.


  • It lacks Likes/Thanks/Creds for now.
  • As mentioned above, I had to hard code menus as there is no menu manager.
  • I needed to put the terms and privacy in the coded areas made for them. (still need to add footer links I think)
  • Mail - you need to type the username of the person you want to send to. Just start typing and it will show a list for you.


  • Our theme is made by TemplateMechanic :)

  • Can you do a comparison to phpfox's 4.4 forum, as far as pros and cons? Also, do you know if anyone is doing coding for single sign-on if people do use vanilla but don't want a separate log in for users? Thanks. :)

  • There is one already posted at my ScriptTechs. We opted for the more secure route as sso is vulnerable in any script.

    The pros and cons are a rather long list. Main thing is the ability to post code, vanilla is faster as you can see, the organization is about the same for both. As vanilla is free, you could try it out and see what you think.

    If you don't need anyone to post code, then the phpFox default should be fine. We also have badges here though and the nice reactions. I guess it's all in what you need for your site.

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