PF v3 - Need help finding a setting

Hi guys,

On Phpfox v3 I see a phrase "user.inactive_member_email_body" on the Email Phrases area of the AdminCP, but I can't find the setting which controls what is considered an inactive user (the amount of days til the user is regarded as inactive so the system will mail him). Can anybody point me to the location of that setting?



  • Admincp >> Users >> Inactive members will get you where the inactive members stuff is and you can choose how many days to get the inactive member list. It will just show a count though. You can then choose to send an inactive email reminder. That's about it other than the phrase.

  • Webwolf has a nice plugin for it though. You might want to check with him about his plugin.

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    Oh so what you mean is that there is no setting for automatically sending the emails when the user reaches a specifc amount of days without logins? If that's the case, I'll just disregard that phrase and use the Getting Started plugin that I own already to send a reminder email to inactives. I just thought there was a setting for doing that which came with the script already...


  • I believe the free plugin might do that but I'm not sure but since you have something, you're all set. :)

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