phpFox v3 - user profile generator

Hi all

Is there any plugin/module available to generate dummy user profiles?
We have to create up to 10k user accounts in order to load test the service.

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  • Webwolf has one to create users that I use on my development site. and he has a link to his site. I don't recommend fake users as you can alienate real ones. However, feel free to ask him about his plugin as he is on this form too.

  • Thanks for your reply.
    It's needed for a load test scenario only, filling the user DB table with 10k user data and testing the service how it will react on 1k concurrent users. So, no real users on board :)

  • Check with @Webwolf about his plugin as I think he made two of them. You can PM him on this site too just by going to the mail icon and click New Message. Then start typing his name and it should come up for you to choose, if you want to message him about it.

  • Many thanks!

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