how to serve scaled images

I have face to a "problem" during a test with gtmetrix. optimization of images and scaled images are a need to do, so my question is, how to do this in automatic in socialengine without limit the size of images, but allowing to upload any size just the previews need to be "optimized and scaled"?


  • I'm not sure at the moment how to do this.

  • optimized and scaled
    makes me think of something similar to
    in terms of optimization youd need something doing similar on auto in the background on upload
    strips the metadata and unused information from an image reducing the file size itself not the image size making for faster loading
    scaled sounds like the image sizing so maybe check what your templates are loading in terms of images ( sizes ) and use css/js to change the image to one sized accordingly for each screen
    will result in multiple copies of each image however.
    totally unsure with social engine so all of the above is just a guess as to what it may be causing it in speed

  • Hello sorry for the late answer! Tnx a lot, i doubt socialengine does any form of optimization of images, but since fb does i was curious to know if it s possible as addon or better as core part

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    as an idea to developers for plugin implementation maybe looking into the use of's api might manage something of value
    even on the free plan it should be able be set to handle compressing a large enough number of images each 24 hr period it might speed things up some
    would atleast reduce the need to figure out the bulk of how to compress the images and strip meta from them along with reduce file size taken up on server and sent to end user browser

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