SEPHP Recommendation

I see SE has an experts section with ratings which is awesome. Still, I'm wondering if anyone here can recommend the best group to not only offer services for setup and development of a site, but ongoing basic monthly maintenance needs for a site owner who isn't tech-savvy. I know some of these resources used to offer a monthly maintenance plan, for lack of a better term. Does anyone still do that and, if so, any recommendations?



  • It's really hard for me to recommend one over another as I have to remain as neutral as I can. I suggest to check the ratings very well. I know some are padded reviews but you can tell the good ones from the not real ones. SE is not hard to manage though. You may do well just with the Learning Center tutorials and playing around in the admin area. BryZar offers free install.

  • MMissue is they are plenty of errors so u must pay for assistance continuously. I am 3 years opening ticket after ticket, pretty impossible to understand why they are so unable to fix anything... I am a bit frustrated to be honest i can't see my site growing due the continue errors.
    And after the upgrate to SE 5.0 they seem unable to adapt any addons to SE, so carefull you will join a never ending issue

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