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    BTW, the founder of phpFox is the lead developer at SocialEngine since he sold phpFox to Younet a few years ago.

    Shameless plugin. Who does that... Exiting stage left

    Welcome back!

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    The problem with "they are based in Colorado" is that, thats what they say: When in reality they collaborate may be remotely. Raymond has been localized lastly in they have a real office in Boulder where they work full time may of them...whats their function ?...Transparency is key in business.

    I did try Unite and reported a few bugs the first 5 minutes, which did not leave a good impression...its still in Beta and it shows...Personally i think SE has a lot of potential but its still not there yet. You need to hire people and pay staff good in the USA to have the things moving, can they do that ? Besides the Php version admin is a turn off and the UI/UX is from another era. For that only two reasons thats a no deal...You have only one occasion to do a good first impression and you squander it with pooor visuals...nahhh

    Is this script tech website the property of SE ? Because i can see only old feeds ...there are no ongoing conversations still alive. aint that supposed to be a community site ?

    PHPFOX/YOUNET unfortunately could be ideal if they only cared debugging their piece of code before publishing them, their business acumen is low and from another world, they dont bring much on the table except may be a reliable Core code which i must say is rather stable. Just make sure you have a testing website before upgrading to any version or updating any module...they are careless however most of times responsability.

    They live in Colorado and were born in the US. I know the entire team for Webligo, Room 214 and SocialEngine. So enough with the conspiracy theory. Yes it's a real office. Like I said, look it up.

    Ray lives in Sweden.

    I live in the USA and was born here. I am Chief Evangelist at SocialEngine. This site is my site. It was my site when I worked at phpFox and it is still my site. It's never been owned by phpFox or by SocialEngine and it won't be. It uses Vanilla Forum script.

    This site used to be active. It died off, yes. That happens. My partner, who is in the Philippines, and I will be revitalizing it.

  • Even more confusing.

    FYI: Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe, with strong historical, cultural, and linguistic ties. The term Scandinavia in local usage covers the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

  • I still don't see any problem with him living in Sweden.

  • Any IT professional will tell you that remote collaboration has it limits and in the case of social engine who really need to speed up compare to phpfox ...this is no re_ensuring news ... may be once the real work shows, we could switch from phpfox who could be better run i must admit ...there is a plugin to export site from one app to the other i think ...what a great idea ...we keep an open mind however communication and transparency is key in business.

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