Beware of acceptable use policies and when they update!

Just got stung so thought I would share...

I have used mandrill for a number of years for my transactional email and within the last year also started to use mailchimp (sorta had to when the combined the two) to do some marketing and newsletter type items. I send a decent amount of volume out each month in the 100's of thousands when I am busy.

Two days ago Mailchimp shut my account down due to being outside of their acceptable use policy, which I was but have been for years. I guess with the alignment of their two entities I was no longer under the radar or they changed their overall policy and I didn't catch it.

One of my websites is a dating site which is on their not allowed list... oops!

So I am in the midst of looking for a new service for both transactional and autoresponder marketing. Would love suggestions if you have any!



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