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A short while back i went in search of methods to more easily add content to the buddypress groups when using buddypres as a social front end to a site.
During this time i encountered the Buddypress Groups Extras plugin that many know , love and point to in these situations but found it to be overly complex and have additional settings i didnt at time require so took rewritting.
Depending your uses for buddypress group pages having a sub menu to your pages can go a long way and it is in no way an inferior product to the one now being spoken of here.
Your own needs matter more then the plugin itself

Buddypages is a little known ( i have found little on it ) plugin for buddypress that allows for both group and profile custom pages that can be added as default through administrator only setting found in same front end interface as that for all users.
each user can add a new custom page via their profile to their own profile or any group they are administrator of allowing for a hell of a lot of customization to both groups and profiles.
The default all groups or all profile setting for administrator is awesome for utilizing buddypress fields or even your own custom forms to add profile pages such as youtube channels, instagram profile ect by using shortcodes from other plugins or writing it up for yourself.

an example of my own use was the need to create " custom sites " within the same larger community
by using these pages and some edited custom code the users profile and or groups administrated were in a sense their own mini website capable of having many pages displaying their needed content and displaying default pages required by the site itself for connectivity.

i dont know how well i did trying to explain all that but if your using buddypress and have used or looked into using buddypress groups extras then this payed plugin may be of worth taking a look into if the groups extra plugin does not meet your needs or you find it overkill.
profile pages are also handled by this plugin unlike the groups extras plugin. again its all in what you want from it.

i wasnt paid to say this stuff ( though i wouldnt complain i was ) i just found this plugin useful at a time and thought to share its origin
hope yous find it handy




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