Twig template engine

Going through phpfox V4 themes after too long ignoring it and found the use of Twig template engine ( ) linked within their documentation pages.
Thinking of looking into learning how it all folds together and how to use it in PHPFox V4 however cannot help but wonder why it is i have heard of no other webscripts personally that make use of the template engine.
as such if nothing makes use of it there is little value in time spent trying to learn it.

so my point in this thread is to ask you guys if you know of any major scripts utilizing the Twig template engine.
i understand Drupal may be supporting the Twig templates but it just seems such a limited use for having be forced learn yet something else so just inquiring before investing any real time in it.
thank you


  • Good question and I don't know the answer lol.

  • im thinking youd be hard pressed finding an answer
    having a decent time messing round though
    sure miss the php based stuff

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