Social Engine 503 Error - Server Not Available

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Well, this is interesting. SocialEngine just came back online (after being down for a short stint with a 503 Error - Server Not Available), along with the news in the back-end (admin) of my site and the menu for the front end of my site. That's a level of dependency I wasn't aware of and somewhat concerns me. ~MDNobles~


  • Hi,

    I checked with the SocialEngine core developers and the menu issue on front end is not something caused by any outage at SE. You might need a support ticket to have someone check your site as they said only the news block might have had some latency and only cause a slow loading news block in admin.

    Hope that helps. :)

  • Oh NO! Not one of those call home scripts that kill your site when the mothership has an outage... Please keep us updated on your findings. I am having difficulties coming to terms with migrating to other scripts because of the likes of this, and finding trustworthy developers!

    That's a level of dependency I wasn't aware of and somewhat concerns me. ~MDNobles~

  • It doesn't kill the site. My own site was fine and has been fine.

  • Since there were no other clients with any issues during that time, this had to be a fluke with a third party add on.

  • Hmmm. Another "503 Service Unavailable" at SE's website? I know it doesn't affect live PHP client sites, as data explained above, but does it affect SE Cloud sites? This is twice now in 2 days. (I just wanted to download the trial. I swear it's not my fault. :D )

  • There was a maintenance issue. It's being fixed. Sorry about that. Cloud sites are on a different set up.

  • It looks like it's working now.

  • Woops. Still doing the maintenance. Sorry about that again. It's almost done though.

  • Ok now it's done lol

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