Welcome to Our New Forum!

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We've opened this new forum using Vanilla Forums as we had planned for so long. As this is a new forum area, please join again with whatever email you prefer to use.

The main site will be an archive for you and is not connected to this so it still uses the same username and password you used there before.

This forum doesn't allow attachments. For attaching anything, we suggest you use awesomescreenshot.com, prnt.sc, dropbox.com , box.com , youtube, etc.

We do have a tutorial for using Markdown. It's linked in the announcement at the top of the site or you can click here to see it.

Thanks for being part of our community and for your support over the years we've been open. We hope you'll continue to enjoy our forum and upcoming features.



  • Love it!!

  • Thanks :) I know we don't have a Thanks or Like button but they have an upgrade coming and we'll see what is in that. We just want to keep it light and try to only have default stuff.

  • why have we come here from that site...wat happened to that site....

  • This is the new forum for ScriptTechs. The main site with the tutorials is still at scripttechs.com . The old forum is an archive at scripttechs.com and you can still read the threads. We posted about it before we did it, well before we did it. http://scripttechs.com/forum/thread/3329/new-forum-open/ and we even have an announcement at ScriptTechs if you read it.

  • so from on should i ask questions here and not there..

  • @vizruta said:
    so from on should i ask questions here and not there..

    Yes. Please see the tutorials we have for using this site if you need help with how to post. :)

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