Rich Snippets

Any thoughts on how to create / apply rich snippets?
p.s not sure if I am asking the right question.



  • Can you give more details please? Also always state your version and state what script as this site is for all scripts now.

  • phpfox 3.7.7

    Rich snippets are a type of on page mark-up. google rich snippets They are the extra bits of text that appear under search results, showing ratings, reviews and prices etc., for the website. I believe dolphin script had a such tools to apply on the script. I am trying to give more info to the searcher in order to draw more attention as opposed to the similar sites .

  • At Google they recommend asking the CMS or other script you use to make a plugin. You might need a customization or plugin for this then. It's not something I know much about. Perhaps TemplateMechanic can make something for you or maybe Webwolf.

  • ok data66. Thank you.

  • Since TemplateMechanic does themes, he should have an answer for it. Hope you get it worked out. Perhaps if @Webwolf comes on, he might also know an answer.

  • Its just that I need to know more about SEO techniques. I just solved it partially; that is if the 'comment' is populated then one may get results.

  • Feel free to write a tutorial thread for it if you want to. :)

  • Data66 I am not that good.

  • Ok no problem :)

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