Where to Find Terms of Service, Privacy, Etc.

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Here are some useful links for you.

Terms of Service Our Terms of Service (TOS) is the same as it was on our original site. However, we can update it from time to time so it's a good idea to read it periodically.
Privacy Policy Our Privacy Policy is also the same as it was before. However, as with the TOS, it can be updated from time to time.
Forum Rules Our rules for posting in our forum. As this is a private forum (you have to join in order to post), we do adhere to our own rules here.
Contact Us/Support If you need to contact us or need support, use that link to our BryZar support services.



  • I wonder if there would be a manual way to include a pop up so when ever that specific document is edited, members would see a pop up asking them to read the updated TOS?

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