Tired of Dev Taking Our Tutorials to Make PAID phpFox Apps!!

edited February 2017 in phpFox

I am so tired of a certain third party developer taking our ScriptTechs tutorials or info from forum posts at our main site and using them to make PAID apps for phpFox!!!




  • That's total bs. The things shared here on ST are for all of us, and done out of the kindness of people's hearts OR things some of us actually paid to have developed specifically to be shared with all. IE, the things Webwolf has made for me, I've paid for, with the understanding that everyone can use them. If he's not smart enough to code his own things, he shouldn't be calling himself a dev. Those of us that paid for things to be distributed freely, do so because of greedy people like that.

  • He's charging $19 for something that should be free.

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