• Oh gee. I'm not a hosting person but thanks for posting this as I've asked my host about it.

  • so wat did ur host say data

  • @vizruta said:
    so wat did ur host say data

    He said it's nothing to be concerned about with their hosting.

  • Just backup is my best ADVICE:)

  • @cybohmoob said:
    Just backup is my best ADVICE:)

    Back-up should always be done problems or no problems. I tell all my customers no matter what business they do BACK-UP - BACK-UP! I back-up everything times 3 :) one to a cloud service and two to different personal computers in two different locations. Losing years of work or research would be horrible!

  • I also play safe doing hourly, with daily, monthly, and yearly incrementals And I also do full daily backups - just for backup sanity. And test the restores with every time change - just like the batteries on my smoke detectors.

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    Yeah backup is the key to success.
    Having a "WORKING" backup of your sites is a must.

    It's amazing how many things can happen to a site at any given time.

    1. ISP failures. Your provider is down for some reason.
    2. Script bugs. Out of the blue, your script stops working. Even the developer has no idea.
    3. File corruption. Your disk on your dedicated or the ISP baremetal loses a disk.
    4. Hackers. Somebody hacks your site and destroys your script.
    5. more unimaginable issues.

    Just a few things. More if you can name some.

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