module for live streaming

Hi guys is there any phpfox module that users can use for live streaming of events not to upload recorded scene BUT live streaming / broadcast ?



  • Which version of phpFox? I think Cometchat might work for that.

  • Thank you so much ... you helped me a lot now my learners can use use it for our online class on our phpfox. Last question if i may ask v4.5 has chalenges with ads .. i have set it active, everything was working fine suddenly ads don't show up and before they were okay don't you have any idea what might be cause ? before they were showing fine

  • It has had issues with ads since v3. I suggest putting the ad in sitewide blocks instead of in the ad module. I used to have to clear cache every day to make ads show. It's some cache issue,or it used to be. Don't enable the advanced filters either.

  • Yeah my challenge is i will have to do ads manually and i have lot of guys who want to load ads eishh...

  • the funny part is i got error message " oops payment gateway not set " though indeed it is set. i checked the payment gateway on payment gateway setting as well as on my account setting setting but same thing

  • Make sure the language is correct. I forget the issue with it in the past but test with default English language.

  • language and time correctly set ... ' but still no changes i think there is a problem between Paypal and phpfox

  • It generally only happens with language packs though. That's why I mentioned to test with English. Double check your error logs.

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