Features Wishlist v3.8/3.9

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Your big 'ol pain is back with requests! Are we ready? Alright!

My site will be 3 years old in May. We want to freshen up things with some new features that would work great for a writing site and enable people to exert more control over their work. Now that we've gotten most major bugs and kinks worked out over time, we can start focusing on ideas that are more "wanted" than needed.

3- The ability to export a blog and its comments to a downloadable text file.

5- The Ability to click a button and have all photos in an album be downloaded as a zip file. Possibly have an email sent with the link so it doesn't have to be done in "real" time.

6- The ability to tag a user with only their first name, by editing what shows up between the brackets once a tag is set. Just looks nicer when writing long posts with groups of writers.

7- Follow/Unfollow feature for blogs. Allow people to click to follow a blog without needing to comment on it and break up the flow of writing.

8- Follow/Unfollow feature for profiles. Allow people to unfollow friends they don't want to see in their main feed but still want to remain friends with. They can go to the person's profile feed to see new information.

1- To hide "X is now friends with..." from profile feeds.

2- To hide "X updated their profile photo" from the main site feed.

4- Move the topics/tag blog from the bottom of the blogs to the top, underneath the blog title. This is important because if people's writing has triggers and adult or gory content, people can check the tags before skimming past the writing and seeing something that they really don't want to see. As of right now, they have to scroll through it all to get to the tags at the bottom.

9- Permalinks for status posts, so that people can share them, since the script doesn't have the capabilities to do this itself.



  • 1 and 2 are in SE lol. I'll look on my test site this weekend for fox to see if they can be hidden without removing the feed from the db.

    I think I can maybe help with 4 perhaps. Will test.

  • Well I got it showing at the top but it also still shows at the bottom. Still working on that.

  • Ok it is removed from the bottom and shows in the top.

  • Tutorial is here for the blog tag block. If you need me to do it, just let me know. If you choose to edit the default files, make backups of each one.

  • Works perfectly, thank you! This will help so much with trigger warnings.

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