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So, while looking at new features, I was interested in the option in user group settings that allows users to create their own blog categories. This would be great for people running Alternate Universe storylines alongside Canon storylines. They could chuck AU's in the AU category, Canon in the Canon category, and readers could choose which storyline they wanted to read by clicking to view the blogs in that category on their friend's page.

So I enabled it for a test user group.

Problem? It doesn't really work the way I thought it would.

My thought- If a user has custom blog categories, it would display... well... somewhere. It doesn't. I was thinking that if users went to their friends page, clicked "Blogs" to see the blogs on their friend's blog page, it would show a list of categories. Nope.

I didn't really want it on the main blog page because that would get cluttered fast, but it's not there either.

It's not even listed on the blog itself below the tags. So... is this supposed to show? If it's not, what exactly is the purpose of this feature?

I figured I'd post here to see if other people had found ways to use it, or if I'm doing something wrong, because as of right now it just seems like one of those features that was either never fully finished, or is broken somehow. Surely those custom categories are supposed to display somewhere.

Anyone know?

Below are three options that I thought would work well for friend's visiting a page, if anyone knows how to code this or to point me in the right direction.

1- In the Blog menu on a profile page, when clicked, it opens a submenu that shows custom blog categories.

2- Underneath the title and author of the blog, it lists the custom blog categories. Clicking one brings up all blogs using that category.

3- To the right side of the blogs, a block showing the custom categories.


  • Wish you would have asked me before enabling it. Don't enable it. The bug in it makes blogs a hell of a mess.

  • Yeah, when I saw that it didn't SHOW anywhere, I figured it was bugged so I turned it back off. Seemed like it was either broken or not functioning how I thought it would. :)

  • I messed up one of my sites with that setting once. Totally messed it back then.

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