editing page data

Hi guys i want to edit page data without typing the whole text. I was hoping to copy text from my source ( ms word file) and paste it ( on page data of new created page)but here in v4 it doesnt work any help is being appreciated. i am using v4.5



  • Don't ever use ms word for coding or adding to your site. Use something such as notepad++ or sublime text, Komodo, Brackets.

  • Other than that, can you explain more of what you are trying to do?

  • okay on the e.g. Terms on footer i wanted to paste Terms and conditions of using our site text is prepared / typed by Ms Word so i wanted to copy it from word and paste it on the page data. just like normal copy / paste in other MS programs..

  • That is not a good idea. MS word can have hidden formatting code. You need to use a text editor such as the ones I mentioned in order to ensure that no hidden formatting code gets entered.

  • You should be able to copy the text you want from MS Word and paste it into one of the text editors I mentioned, which are all free, and then save it in that. After you save it, you should be able to copy and paste from the text editor into your page.

  • Did it work for you?

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