installing phpfox 4.5.1

Hi guys i have downloaded php4.5.2b how do i sintall it. i uploaded files to the sever , changed permisions but when i fire up my browers it shows. something i dont understand i copied this
to fire up brower but nothing seems going right please can someone help ..

I uploaded files in my website folder and before i was using phpfox v3


  • my website

  • You need to change "" with the url of your own site. You need to make sure you have a license to use v4 as they charge for it. Make sure you follow the upgrade instructions as well as there are specific things to do for a v3 upgrade.

    We offer upgrade service if you need it.

  • i did that also i do have license but still

  • Why do you want to upgrade to v4? It has a lot of issues and is causing people to lose their sites.

  • Make sure your server supports the new requirements and that you follow both upgrade guides, if you do upgrade. I don't recommend upgrading yet though.

  • why is it not yet stable ?

  • i guess you are right it takes a lot of time i guess will revert back to V3.9 eish

  • @Kgasim said:
    why is it not yet stable ?

    There are still a lot of bugs. People just keep having issues. I suggest waiting til there are less issues. Our main site and my author site will migrate to SocialEngine soon. We don't want to use phpFox v4 and we don't want to stay on an old version indefinitely.

  • I would have to assume it is with 3rd party add-on because according to github there are only 17 bugs currently :wink:

  • I'm going by what clients are saying in the forums too. I would not upgrade my own sites yet to v4 John.

  • so its possible to migrate my v3.9 to social engine ? will it cost me ?

  • i have been trying to upgrade since i got message on browser that Updrading taking place since past 30 minutes

  • Yes you can migrate free once the migration tool is released but you need to pay for a license.

    In regards to your issue, are you sure you uploaded the files correctly? Is the server updated to match the new requirements? You should have uploaded the PF.Base, PF.Site, etc in the same folder that phpFox is installed.

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