too many connections to database

Hi i am just an average guy without programing skills at all . i am just an account and have purchased the phpfox script but my challenge is i got " too many connections to database "error message can some1 please help by step by step to solve this please .. I use a vps server



  • Where are you hosting and which phpFox version are you using? Normally, this issue can be seen with too many add ons or too heavy.

  • i am still using nebula and i am hosted by in South africa

  • Ok try that tutorial I linked and see if the host will fix the issue or try hosting with which is phpfoxsolutions renamed. They lowered their rates recently and are the cheapest vps you can find at only $5 per month.

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    Your provider is limiting your connections to the DB. Some do this in their SERVER setup to limit their clients purposely for the sake of server stability.
    I recommend a new hosting provider. If you can I recommend getting a dedicated server or cloud server from a knowledgeable provider.

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