Edit picture types & sizes

:) Yep here again with more questions! Data don't run to the other room! LOL

OK so my members are pretty friendly, funny & happy people. They love to post funny stuff which I'm good with that.

Here is what I would like to do not sure it can be done or how to do it. (Data this would be a nice plugin :) :) )
I have already changed the max size of pictures to 1600x1600 and the site "Social Engine 4" is resizing them according to where you see them. Which is a good thing but I would like to let my members post animated gif's in comments. Since the site re-sizes pictures it removes the animation.

So I could turn-off resizing of all pictures which I can see that being a huge problem with people uploading 6000x6000 pictures!

What I would like to do is set, add or edit the code so it only resizes certain extensions? And set .gif's to a maximum size of lets say 256kbs with no re-sizing. Is this possible? Can anyone point me in the direction of what I need to read to do this?

Thanks as always to the great Script Techs community!



  • Wait for 4.9 as it has animated gif support. :) It will be released soon. Well soon enough but for now just let them know that the feature is coming.

  • Wahoo cool thanks!

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