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I need to disallow ads on the log in page /user/login/ to meet google adsense rules - like for the index I put in core.index-visitor in that space.

What would I put in to disallow on log in page and does anything extra need to be added for mobile?

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  • It should be user.login . Test on mobile after and see if it shows up. If not, then you won't need anything. I disable the default phpFox mobile as it created spammer accounts that I could not see and caused one of my former sites to be google banned due only to the phpfox mobile module. Users can still see the sites with mobile disabled, as seen on our ScriptTechs main site.

  • Ok thank you! I have several ads there but only want to disallow Google for now - I am still using the ummmmmmmmm shoots is it Base 5 - the free template mechanic theme and it scales -- But if I revert to a default I'll keep that in mind. There are plus and minuses to the base five so I don't know if I will stick with it. Thanks again Data. I'll be trying it later.

  • I use base5 on my author site. Works well. You do need to disable the mobile module when using base5. It's best to disable it anyway.

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