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How can we also send an SMS for every email notifications? We would like to do the sending of SMS with RingCentral API. We already have the code working on one of our website and we would like to have it also on our phpFox website and in particular to send it for every notifications. How can we do this? Thanks!



  • Please post stuff in the right forum areas. I'll move this to website script section.

  • Is this for v3 or v4?

  • This is for Core Version: 3.7.7(build 2)

  • Have you checked add ons? I believe @phpFoxer has one and they are on this site.

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    Thanks @data66. Indeed, we have a plugin that sends Desktop Notifications to v4 websites. Desktop Notifications is something different from SMS, but the logics is similar. @frankcrissalem kindly send us a short message to so we can investigate this for you.

  • Do you have it for V3 sites @phpFoxer ? The client has v3.

  • Most probably this will be a customization that will invlove:
    1) Parts of our code in v4 app;
    2) Client's existing code (it's mentioned that similar functionality already works on another project).

    Unfortunately we don't have a 100% ready module with requested functionality for v3.

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