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All code examples must follow the Markdown rules as this site uses Markdown. If you don't know how, click here for a tutorial. Any code examples not using Markdown will be deleted.
All code examples must follow the Markdown rules as this site uses Markdown. If you don't know how, click here for a tutorial. Any code examples not using Markdown will be deleted.

Installing ScriptTechs Happy Holidays Plugin for SocialEngine

Note that the only place to get our #SocialEngine plugin,
Happy Holidays, is at the SocialEngine Marketplace. It is a free download. If you find it anyplace else, that would be an illegal copy and could contain back doors and malware. Why get an illegal copy when you can get the original free?

Our basic installation instructions should get you started. After you have the plugin installed, here's how to configure it to show:

  • Navigate to Appearance > Layout Editor
  • You'll need to manually place it on the pages you want it. Our demo has it on the visitor landing page.
  • On the right, under Available Blocks, scroll down to ScriptTechs Tree and find ScriptTechs Tree widget.
  • Drag it to the left and place it under or above all of the green blocks that are already there. Click Edit and set the settings as you want them (screenshot below) and Save Changes.
    ScriptTechs Tree Admin Block

  • If you want to translate the greeting, you'll need to edit the phrase for Happy Holidays.
    Edit Phrases for Happy Holidays Widget

  • Check front end and it will show where you placed it.
    The screenshot below shows two it above the main feed.
    Happy Holiday Block Above Feed

  • “Save Changes” when done in the popup edit screen.

  • “Save Changes” again at the Layout Editor screen or your new settings won’t take effect.

You can edit the phrases for the Happy Holidays greeting as it uses the phrase system. This works well for multi-lingual sites.

If you want to edit the CSS, you will need to edit the application/modules/Sttree/external/styles/main.css file or put your css edits in your theme.css file for Insignia or other standard themes or in the custom.less file for Atlas theme.

If you like this freebie, please rate it on our marketplace and on the SE marketplace.



  • It's waiting certification. Will be available soon.

  • It's available. :)

  • edited November 2017

    pretty nifty looking :D
    this looks nice too ;) ( no idea how you actually have it functioning as i cant play with SE :( )
    specifically the ajax loading

    going under the assumption that the background may be changed via the css file/s any users of this product may desire to check sites such as pixabay for images suiting their taste and sites design or function for users and using css " margin and padding " to place the phrase text as desired within the area of image
    depending the sites desires and functionality for end user play with the search

    double check desired images licensing to ensure commercial use permitted but pixabay normally permits use for such things

  • I made one for fox before too. :) It's pure CSS. Good idea for background changes. I'll look at that. The fox one was free to. Should be in the free downloads if I loaded them to your account at ST main. If not, let me know if you want it.

  • edited November 2017

    you can find some nice pure css popups but jquery just seems to work it much better
    the ajax load in the popup linked could be used for many things ( add special articles via the blog, groups, pages, adverts inside popup as an example ( paid version of your free product ) )
    the image ideas were more for your users as they may need closer tailoring to each sites overall use
    can easy search pixabay for " Christmas pets " or "Christmas cars " etc pixabay is just the right kind of licensing but there many other sites the same with free stock images so thought to just ad a reminder

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