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All code examples must follow the Markdown rules as this site uses Markdown. If you don't know how, click here for a tutorial. Any code examples not using Markdown will be deleted.

Cometchat 6.0 - worth upgrading to?

Hey all - anyone running the latest version of CometChat yet? Any thoughts on if it is worth upgrading to (I would have to renew my license and tend to wait until a version is worth it before spending the coin)




  • Check with @Mandi as she had posted at the archived ST forum about comet.

  • Like @Mandi I have a love/hate relationship with Comet.... when it works it rocks, getting it there takes some work...

  • I still haven't gotten it to work properly, and have pretty much given up on it.

    Every time I had to open a support ticket, they said "We don't see anything wrong" and immediately closed the ticket. It was like arguing with a brick wall. This is two years now and it's never worked properly for us, most users hate it. We upgraded each time in the hopes the newer ones would work better. They didn't. We keep it because basically two groups like using it and donate to pay for it, otherwise I'd just remove it and tell them to use KIK or AIM or something of the sort.

    I honestly wouldn't mind it if they at least attempted to work with their users, but they don't, so they get a big "no" from me for future upgrading.

  • Well I took a chance and upgraded to v6.1 (platinum) - so far so good (knock on wood) - I do like some of the new controls and admin features so far. Will report back when and if something breaks or doesn't perform. I also went back to cometservice too and my site load is nanoseconds now... but it was pretty fast before thanks to phpfoxsolutions....

  • going on 4 days and my userbase loves the update - looking at v6.2beta12 and it looks even nicer (once it hits RC) - looks like the MIGHT have finally got things figured out

  • Updated to 6.2 this morning now that it is out of beta - so far so good and it sure is pretty. Will see how things go over the next week or so and report back on issues or performance. Install took minutes and a few tweaks to settings afterwards was all that was needed.

  • So you are on cometservice? Any ideas on security?

  • I am using cometservice and it seems very tight as far as security is concerned. My only worry is that members may send files that could hold viruses or otherwise to other members as they are able to send various file types

  • It would suck if your site was used to transfer problematic files. But I would think the ultimate responsibility would be the members who accept such files. Just like email, if they don't know the sender or aren't expecting a file, they shouldn't accept anything.

  • They are only able to connect with people on their friends' list so there is that. I am going to investigate which extensions are allowed and see if I can refine it down to ones that are "safe"

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    Zixia604: I am curious about how the video chat works, and I assume you are using it as you are using their Servers.

    Can you have more than one person on video and speaking via microphone at the same time?
    How many people can you have on video in the same room at the same time?

  • Yes I am using Cometservice and have the platinum package which is their full script. We use both one to one chat with video and also use broadcast video in groups. I have yet to see any lag issue or have any user complaints about performance that were related to the script. The issues I have seen is when a member does not have enough bandwidth on their own end to provide a smooth video experience.

    As far as numbers go I have personally seen 50+ people in a group with a broadcast going. We do not allow one to one chat in a group as we found it got convoluted as to why was talking to who etc.

  • Thanks for your reply. So, there is no way to achieve the same effects as Google hangouts, where you can have 8 people in the room and see them all at the same time?

    And the Broadcast? It is more like a Webinar, then? with up to 50 people watching whatever the Host is doing saying?

  • You can do both but our members preferred to create a new group (chat room) to broadcast 1 stream from rather than have multiple streams with competing audio in one room

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    I have used ARROWCHAT for YEARS upon YEARS and it works fine. Basically works out of the box as INTENDED and to top it off, there's a pro INSTALLATION that guarantees 100% working so no matter what social network you have, it works. It's not bloated like CC. It's simple. There's a EMBED for the site, a chat bar with rooms and apps, and finally a MOBILE mode. Simple as that.
    Another cool point to make is that the ArrowChat developer listens and he tries his best to work with what you "THINK" is wrong. They fix it. Every patch he made fixed problems. NONE introduced new problems ever. I had an issue with an integration because the AUTHOR of that script refuse to work with ARROWCHAT developer but, ARROWCHAT dev dived right on in and made the integration work for me.
    Still using AC and don't plan on changing anytime soon.
    Oh also they have push mode for slower servers or smaller sites that need help with load so if your site is too slow to handle the chat mode, it offloads the workload to their servers and speed things up. If you're a small site on a VPS, this is a nice thing to have. Not sure if cc has it.

  • This thread has nothing to do with arrowchat.

  • @Zixia604 said:
    This thread has nothing to do with arrowchat.


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